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Are you interested to build business in the Middle East, Central Asia and post-soviet space? Are you looking to expand your business into the Farsi speaking region? Do you need accurate Farsi translation services for your activities, legal documents and products promotion? Then don’t search anymore- you are at the right place. I am a professional Farsi translator and a native speaker who has vast experience to understand and to convey the subtleties and differences between various Farsi styles and dialects.
In a developing world Interpreting and transaction services are highly important for people who need to make sure a clear dialogue between partners of different languages and nationalities is established . I am a professional in various types of interpreting and translation services, including in – person or over the phone, simultaneous or consecutive and conference translation. I am a dedicated and honest personality who is eager to make sure your business grows daily, your plans and legal needs are satisfied. Finally,my Spanish to Farsi interpreting service is among the best in Iran and my literary translations made the name for me around the world.

Just get in touch with me for more information on: info@e-jahanbani.com | jahanbani.e@yahoo.com

I Guarantee:

• Farsi to English , English to Farsi, Spanish to Farsi and Farsi to Spanish translation services of exceptional quality and availability at a shortest delay.
• Interpreting services over the phone or other commination platforms (Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc.)
• High quality translation & tailor made linguistic solutions for various multilingual websites and IT products

What’s the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

As a professional linguist, I am often asked to tell the difference between an interpreter and a translator. I believe an interpreter is a person who interprets one language to another through speech or sign language translator translates a piece of a written text from one language to another .But in both cases just the language knowledge is not enough, you should really “ feel” the languages you are working with .